Mobile forensic & network analysis

PiRogue tool suite (PTS) is an open-source tool suite that provides a comprehensive mobile forensic and network traffic analysis platform targeting mobile devices both Android and iOS, internet of things devices (devices that are connected to the user mobile apps), and in general any device using wi-fi to connect to the Internet.

Open-source AGPL v3 Licensed. GitHub

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Main PiRogue capabilities

The PiRogue is an open hardware device based on a Raspberry Pi operating as a network router analyzing network traffic in real time. The PiRogue helps analysts to detect the potential compromise of a mobile device and to have more information allowing them to detect more easily the potential threats represented by a mobile application.

Network traffic capturesupportedsupported
Network traffic analysissupportedsupported
Deep packet inspectionsupportedsupported
Threat detectionsupportedsupported
Stalkerware detectionsupportedsupported
TLS traffic decryptionsupportednot yet
Socket activity tracingsupportednot yet
AES operations tracingsupportednot yet
Device backupsupportedsupported
Device forensic analysissupportedsupported

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