Monthly report n⁰26 - 2024-03

March 31, 2024 by Esther Onfroy2 minutes

What we have done so far

You can check out our work on GitHub at or on our website at


We fixed a bug in the pirogue-dashboard package that occurred when connecting from Cuba. In fact, due to US restrictions, the PiRogue is unable to to download Grafana plugins. The fix was quite simple since the only plugin the package relies on is no longer needed since it has been introduced in the Grafana distribution. The fix is available in the package pirogue-dashboard version 1.1.1.

We continue testing and fixing bugs.


We proceeded to the feature freeze of all the features of Colander and released Colander in version 1.0.5. We have also updated the deployment procedure accordingly.

We started the implementation of non-nominal test cases achieving the poor code coverage of 47%. However, the non-nominal test suite will never cover 100% of the code since it does not cover nominal branches.

We continue testing and fixing bugs.

Community and outreach

We continue working on the documentation of the project, check it out on the project website.

We created a dashboard keeping track of a few KPIs providing us with a rough estimation of the adoption of the project.

Overview of the project adoption dashboard

We are hosting a beta version of Colander which is open to community members. Feel free to ask for an account.

What we plan to do next month

  • continue working on the implementation of a privacy-preserving telemetry for PiRogue and Colander users can opt-out
  • continue testing and fixing bugs
  • continue working on the project documentation


Some of our users are facing issues with Android 13 we were not able to reproduce. We are still investigating.