Monthly report n⁰27 - 2024-04

April 25, 2024 by Esther Onfroy3 minutes

What we have done so far

You can check out our work on GitHub at or on our website at


We have implemented the privacy preserving telemetry which is now installed by default. Users can easily opt-out as described in the documentation.

We have published the dependency tree of the PiRogue Debian packages. This way, users can know what will be installed.

Regarding the telemetry, we have received the first pings and, 7 up-to-date PiRogues have been seen online over the past 2 weeks.


We have released Colander in version 1.0.6.

We added an automatic vulnerability analysis of the Docker images we provide. The results of the analysis is available in the details of each GitHub Actions.

Community and outreach

The documentation of the whole project is available on our website.

We published the following documents which are applicable to all the repositories we manage:

We are grateful for the support of our community. To ensure the continued development and maintenance of this project, we have set up an Open Collective page.

We are hosting a beta version of Colander which is open to community members. Feel free to ask for an account.

What we plan to do next month

  • do some cleanup and maintenance chores

Financial transition and continued support

This month marks a significant turning point for the PiRogue Tool Suite project. We extend our sincere gratitude to Hivos and Open Technology Fund for their generous financial support during our initial development phase. Their contributions were essential in establishing PTS as a valuable resource for the digital privacy and security community.

As an open-source project, PTS operates on a non-commercial basis. While this ensures accessibility and widespread adoption, it also requires ongoing external funding and community support. With the conclusion of Hivos’s and OTF’s initial support period, we now enter a new chapter where community involvement is crucial.

Securing PTS’s future

We firmly believe in PTS’s potential to empower users and foster a more secure digital environment. To ensure its continued development and maintenance, we seek your continued support through various channels:

  • Even modest donations can significantly impact PTS’s sustainability. We encourage contributions through Open Collective to support ongoing development efforts.
  • Developers who use PTS are encouraged to contribute to code fixes or enhancements. Your expertise strengthens and expands the project reliability and capabilities.
  • We value your input. Sharing your experiences, both positive and constructive, with PTS is crucial. Your feedback informs our development priorities and helps us better serve the community.

Whether you’re a seasoned user or a newcomer to PTS, we invite you to actively participate in the project’s future. Consider contributing code, offering financial support, or sharing a testimonial about the impact of PTS on your work.

Thank you for your continued involvement.