Colander relies on different services:

  • colander-postgres: Postgres database
  • colander-front: Gunicorn serving the pages of Colander
  • colander-worker: Django Q2 cluster of workers
  • traefik: Traefik reverse proxy ensuring TLS termination and routing
  • cyberchef: CyberChef instance
  • playwright: service using Playwright to take URL screenshot and capture the HAR
  • elasticsearch: single node ElasticSearch server storing network traffic analysis
  • minio: Minio S3-compatible object storage to store artifacts
  • redis: Redis server ensuring the communication between the front and the workers for both Colander and Threatr
  • watchtower: Watchtower service keeping the stack up to date

Colander comes with Threatr which relies on:

  • threatr-postgres: Postgres database
  • threatr-front: Gunicorn serving the pages of Threatr
  • threatr-worker: Django Q2 cluster of workers