Artifact management

Colander streamlines the handling and preservation of digital evidence, maintaining chain of custody and maximizing admissibility in legal proceedings.

Artifact upload

Artifact creation form

Users can import files from the Artifact entry in the Collect workspace.

Create a new artifact
Create a new artifact

The file will be uploaded by chunks allowing the users to upload large files even if they rely on an instable or slow Internet connection.

Colander client for PiRogue

Alternatively, users can easily import artifacts using the Colander client for PiRogue which is installed by default on the PiRogue. The command line to be used is listed in the artifact creation form. This command looks like

pirogue-colander collect-artifact -c "[case ID]" [path of the file to be uploaded]


Refer to the RESP API documentation.

Artifact processing

Once uploaded, Colander will compute the mimetype, MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 of the artifact. Then, a detached digital signature will be computed using the private key of the case the artifact belongs to. Later, when sharing an artifact, its integrity can be checked by the recipient using openssl. To do so, the recipient needs:

  • the public key of the case
  • the signature of the artifact
  • the artifact itself
Check the integrity of an artifact
Check the integrity of an artifact