Build a PiRogue case

The current PiRogue case version is v1.0_beta.

Get the manufacturing files on GitHub →

3D print a PiRogue case

To 3D print your PiRogue case, you will need:

  • either the 4 separate STL files or the one containing the 4 part ready the slice
  • a 3D printer
  • PLA or PETG
  • layer height: 0.2 mm
  • infill: 20%
  • no support
  • material: PETG

The entire printing lasts around 3 hours for a complete case.

Assemble the PiRogue case

To assemble your PiRogue case, you will need:

4 M2.5 12mm bolts and 4 M2.5 nuts are used to secure the fan in place. The 4 standoffs are placed between the Raspberry Pi and the hat.