The telemetry is used to measure the adoption of the project, but also to get some information about the hardware used and thus anticipate the support of widely used but not yet fully supported hardware. Telemetry data is collected on a daily basis.

The collected data is stored for a year on a server managed by us, hosted by Hetzner in Germany.

How to opt-out

You can use the command

Disable the telemetry
sudo pirogue-telemetry config disable

You can also delete the entire package with the command:

Uninstall the telemetry service
sudo apt purge pirogue-telemetry

How to get the data being deleted

To get the data we collected about your PiRogue being deleted, reach out to us by email at and specify the ID or the sha256 of the ID of your PiRogue.

You can find the ID (unique_id) of your PiRogue by running the command:

Check the telemetry configuration
sudo pirogue-telemetry config show

What data we collect

The unique ID collected corresponds to the sha256 sum of the ID generated at its first launch. The AS and the country where the PiRogue is connected from are determined by making a call to We do not collect any other data than what’s listed here.

You can review the code of the telemetry service in charge of collecting and sending the telemetry on GitHub.

Here is an example of the data we collect on a daily basis:

  "unique_id": "81f672fe973c6e70acd043b4a4845fa38e7425d290678042b7e72e53661a9347",
  "asn": "3215",
  "asn_name": "Orange",
  "country_code": "FR",
  "country_name": "France",
  "os_arch": "x86_64",
  "os_id": "ubuntu",
  "os_name": "Ubuntu",
  "os_type": "linux",
  "os_version": "22.04"