PiRogue Tool Suite project is the reboot of the PiRanhaLysis project. PTS is founded by Defensive Lab Agency with the financial support of Open Technology Fund.

Defensive Lab Agency (DLA) is a French company founded in 2018 by Esther Onfroy with the objective of providing expert services on digital security and privacy issues. DLA is specialized in mobile security and focuses its work on supporting NGOs, activists, journalists, human rights defenders and public institutions against digital surveillance.

Since 2018, DLA’s major public contributions were reverse engineering of FinSpy Android for Amnesty International, conducting privacy analysis of edtech mobile apps for Human Rights Watch and hosting mobile device forensics online courses for Digital Defender Partnership.

The services DLA specializes in are:

  • Reverse engineering of Android apps and malware: this includes decompiling the app to its source code, analyzing the code for malicious behavior, and identifying its vulnerabilities. DLA can also help to develop secure Android apps by providing feedback on your code and recommending security best practices.

  • Consensual mobile device forensic analysis: DLA can investigate security incidents involving mobile devices. This includes extracting and analyzing data from mobile devices to identify evidence of malicious activity.

  • Mobile app privacy analysis: DLA can help understand how mobile apps collect and process user data. This includes reviewing the app’s privacy policy, analyzing the app’s code, and testing the app’s behavior. DLA can also help develop privacy-friendly mobile apps by providing recommendations on how to collect and process user data in a responsible manner.

  • Regulatory compliance audits of Android apps: DLA can help ensure that apps comply with regulations, e.g. the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This would require reviewing the app’s privacy policy, analyzing the app’s code, and testing the app’s behavior.

  • Mobile security and forensic training: DLA offers trainings to increase security awareness and practices. DLA also offers trainings on how to best take advantage of our open source tools.

The PTS project is developed and maintained by Esther Onfroy. Expert in information security and reverse engineering, Esther Onfroy, aka U039b, is a French hacktivist and lecturer. She is also co-founder of Defensive Lab Agency, Exodus Privacy (French non-profit organization that fights against tracking SDKs in Android apps), Pithus (open source mobile threat intelligence platform), Echap (French non-profit organization that fights against the use of technology in violence against women), La Résille (French non-profit organization of hackers producing feminist science-fiction). She fights against surveillance capitalism and has contributed to several investigations highlighting the illegal data collection carried out by major digital actors. She helps journalists, academics and NGOs to better understand the issues of cybersecurity and surveillance on mobile devices.

Esther works closely with the LGBTQ+ community on creating tools and protocols that fight against gender based violence facilitated by information and communication technologies. With Echap, she works with women’s shelters. She has been working with NGOs and HRDs for 8 years.

More details about her activities at