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In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive information on mobile devices is crucial for civil society actors and human rights defenders, including journalists, activists, and researchers. Mastering mobile security empowers you to protect your data, investigate potential threats, and ensure regulatory compliance. However, navigating the wealth of available learning resources can be overwhelming. To address this challenge, we have curated a selection of learning guides tailored to your specific needs.

  • Basic mobile security: For those new to mobile security, introductory guides equip you with fundamental knowledge on creating secure backups, handling compromised devices, and monitoring basic network activity. This empowers you to take essential steps towards protecting your sensitive data.
  • Advanced malware analysis: If you regularly encounter suspicious apps or threats, delve into advanced techniques for static analysis. Powerful tools like Jadx help you dissect potential malware, while guides on intercepting and analyzing encrypted traffic provide deeper insights for comprehensive investigations.
  • Digital forensics expertise: For seasoned investigators, hone your skills in setting up PiRogue, a dedicated mobile forensics tool. Learn how to analyze backups and handle compromised devices with meticulous precision. Advanced network traffic analysis techniques and in-depth exploration of MVT and PTS empower you to conduct thorough investigations, gathering crucial evidence.
  • Assessing the compliance of apps: Regulatory compliance investigators play a vital role in safeguarding user privacy. This pathway equips you with the audit methodology to navigate regulatory compliance confidently. By understanding basic techniques for analyzing the app’s network traffic, you can easily identify privacy violations.
  • Advanced threat mitigation: Security professionals can stay ahead of the curve by mastering the art of malicious app analysis, leveraging device forensics tools like MVT, and expertly intercepting encrypted traffic with PiRogue.

Remember, these learning paths are starting points. Mix and match guides based on your specific role and objectives.

1. Individual users at risk:

2. Technical users concerned about malicious apps:

3. Digital forensics investigators:

4. Regulatory compliance investigators:

5. Security professionals: